Cylindrical slide rule in Postscript

After looking through Dick Lyon's web site devoted to the Otis King cylindrical slide rule, I decided I had to have one, even if only made of paper. So here's a Postscript version of an Otis King model L---just cut out the pieces, tape them into paper cylinders, assemble, and start calculating.

Postscript: (1.4 MByte)
PDF: ok.pdf (0.3 MByte)
Source code to produce the Postscript: ok.c

After a dozen random multiplications, I seem to be getting around 0.02% rms error, or a little under 4 decimal places accuracy. On stiffer media maybe 0.01% is realistic. Here's the python script that automates prompting the user with random numbers and calculating the errors.

complete slide-rule page slide-rule detail