HP-35 chips

Newest version of these netlist / FPGA / bitmap tools (using also the polygon data from the visual6502 project) are on my github project

Mask / netlist / Verilog extraction tools (108 kByte): mask-tools-20101111.tar.gz
Multilayer source image for the above (15 MByte): hp35-rom-0006-crop4.xcf

Note that the mask-tools tarball includes all the layer bitmaps, so you need the big image only if you want to see the background photo against which the bitmaps were drawn. It is in the native format of the Gimp image-editing tool.

High-resolution chip images:

A&R chip, AMI 1820-0848 (6919 x 8327 pixels, 43 MByte): hp-35-ar-ami-1820-0848.jpg
ROM chip, AMI 1818-0006 (4725 x 5328 pixels, 18 MByte): hp-35-rom-ami-1818-0006.jpg

Here is an annotated thumbnail of the ROM chip: